Online community meetup: Thursday April 9: "Live Learning: a strategy to improve student engagement"

Join us next Thursday to hear Esteban Etcheverry’s talk:

Live Learning: a strategy to improve student engagement

  • After more than a decade of existence, MOOCs continue to offer great opportunities to add value connecting people and enabling the continuous learning with a world-wide reach. But, beyond all its innovations and advantages, still an extensive number of courses have a significant percentage of dropouts.
  • One of the strategies to face this dropout challenge is to incorporate live learning sessions which enable a live interaction between students and the instructor and enhance the learning experience. In this talk we’ll share best practices, challenges and lessons learned based in our experience.

We’ll also have an roundtable discussion about how the current COVID-19 situation has affected online learning.

Zoom link:

Time, date, and Zoom details are here: April 9 2020 Community meetup.

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The video of this meetup is live: and the slides are on the wiki page: April 9 2020 Community meetup

Thanks to @estebanetcheverry for the talk: he is ahead of the curve on doing instruction over video conferencing. I know I learned some good things! :heart:

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Thanks @nedbat it was an honor for me.
And thanks for having this remote “no so lightning talks”. The planned 15 minutes turned into 30!

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