Open edX and Caliper

Anyone using openedx-caliper-tracking ?

I would like to ask some questions because I am unable to make it run under ironwood.

I am following the instruction at and it is not working at all…

Anybody from the project at UCSD here?

I had some answer from Saad Ali from Arbisoft on the #analytics channel in Slack. Unfortunately, the solution provided did not work for us.

He also told me they are working on updating documentation.

I guess I will wait a little bit longer before trying it again.

The repository at and make a lot of references to Hawthorn. Maybe this is not working with Ironwood?

By the way, I saw a reference to Caliper at but it hasn’t been merged.

Will this be added to Juniper?
Inquiring minds want to know…

Quite an old thread. But I was just curious. Is it still not working for you?

Sorry for not replying earlier. Yes, it did work after you corrected the instructions and sent me an email or replied on Slack. We are not using it yet in production because we do not have a tool to process the caliper logs afterwards. Our management simply wanted to know if it was possible to generate them.

Thanks again for your help.