Open Edx Gamification possible?

Do open edx have this possible:
Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards and Leaderboards. Customize your gamification experience to the maximum through the Gamification ?


There is some level of support for badging, which we have implemented for edX a few years ago - see this thread:

I can see some docs
I will go thru the same.

Please note:
The docs refer to badgr-io’s API v1.

Badgr changed its API to v2 and broke the functionality in 2018.

You need to self host badgr server, badgr-io’s self hosting code, and do a couple of quick changes.

I describe them here Error updating user preferences. Credentials not provided?

I am hoping badgr-server isn’t updated to v2 at any point.

It would be great to integrate gamification features in Open edX indeed. We (at European Schoolnet) thought that it would be nice to display users’ ‘achievements’ on their profile if they, for example;

  • Successfully completed their first course
  • Often contribute in forums
  • Contribute more peer assessments than as required by us
  • Get good grades (across courses)

Many more things are possible. Have a look for example at the badges offered here at the forum! They’re all offered natively by the software, Discourse :slight_smile:

This doesn’t even necessarily has to mean we offer (exportable) badges. Displaying these achievements in-site would already be great. And I think that’s currently possible (even when integrating with Badgr).

You can do most of that already.

You can create a badge for users that complete a particular course, a set of courses, or even users that complete a difficult assignment. Please note assignment badges require the badgr xblock available here to be installed.

I think badges have a minimum grade that could be set but I dont think we ever got that working before I stopped using edx.

When using badgr with edx all of the badges are available within the profile section of edx and exportable to other platforms.

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Honestly, from your reply I would say about half of what I listed can be done. I mean, grades across all a user’s courses, completing five (random) courses in a row, regular contributions to forums (which aren’t assignments) - sounds like it’s too complex for it to be possible with a Badgr integration. But please let me know (where we can find) how to do that, if I’m wrong and it is possible. There’s no interface to set this up in Django or elsewhere atm.

However, more importantly, ‘regular’ (course) badges and ‘achievements’ (as in those that we get here on the Discourse forum) have completely different purposes: evidence of learning vs community engagement. The first should be exportable, the second should be visible to peers across but only within the (Open edX) platform. In the interface, I wouldn’t want them to be mixed.

This talk from the 2019 conference may be interesting for you:

Open edX Conference 2019 “RG Gamification” Racoon Gang March 28th, 2019

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