Open Edx Programs: Course run is not publishable // [IRONWOOD]

Hi im getting this error on my discovery error log:

Course run [course-v1:CBV+001+001] is not publishable

What can be the reasons not to be publishable?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @jramnai do you have any experience working with Programs? Could you guide me? :blush:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Xperez,

If you want programs running on your instance then you have to create your own marketing site (reference).

And your course is not publishable because of this LOC.

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@jramnai thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I`ve been searching these days about the best way to build a marketing site and found 2 options:

I still have a doubt: Why is it that in a Devstack installation, without having a marketing site configured by default, i am able to create, publish and see my programs?

Thanks a lot for your guidance :slight_smile:

I am also clueless about this.

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But how it can be possible earlier i run the same refresh_course_metadata management comand to import the courses into the discovery course table and it sucessfully run . But now giving this error

How to import courses in the discovery db without marketing site