OpenedX behind Traefik/Nginx through docker-compose?

Hi there,

I’ve been wanting to deploy my own Open edX instance on a VM I own through Docker (-compose). But it seems like the deployment options are lacking, at least it seems like that at first glance, and the only way to deploy Open edX with Docker seems to use “Tutor”.

I’ve been trying to read up on Tutor but there’s several things I can’t seem to get behind. If I wanted to put Open edX behind a reverse proxy (Traefik, Nginx) because other services are running on the same host, how does one achieve this with Tutor? Or can I simply create an instance for the very first time with tutor and then take the generated config files/compose file and run it on a different machine without tutor cli installed? But then updating/backing up Open edX seems to be impossible because tutor cli is needed… And if I’m quite frank, this doesn’t seem to agree with me how applications are deployed/maintained when using Docker.


Check out the documentation for using a reverse proxy other than caddy and maybe it can help you do what you want.

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