[Tutor-Plugins] Run Open edX without necessary having 443/80 ports being open

The following is a tutor plugin that integrate it cloudflared, a tool to deploy local services to the public internet without necessary having port 80/443 being exposed to the public internet. Which can be handy in a situation where you are deploying Open edX from your home/on-premises without the need to:

  • configure your router,
  • and care if your ISP (internet service provider) allows incoming traffic
  • and syncing your public IP address with your NS records.

Github Repo:

Note: as of Today 9-July-2023

  • The plugin has been tested with tutor version >= 16
  • The plugin has not been tested with in dev mode yet

This plugin can help with lowering Open edX on going cost, for more details, check this roadmap issue:

Next I plan to create another light weight tutor, that would lower resources consumptions.


Great work @ghassan!

I implemented a Træfik reverse proxy in one of my projects, you can use the same implementation to expose the necessary services as names without using several external facing ports.

This is the project:

Fully crafted for different localhost URLs, no additional configuration needed.

There’s also an option for TLS and Let’sEncrypt.
Hoping it’s useful.