What are the instructions for creating a custom course completion certificate in Nutmeg?

Past guides like this one are out of date and inaccurate as they were written for a pre-tutor world, and the cited Django admin pages don’t appear to exist anymore.

I attempted this on Nutmeg, with tutor, version 14.0.3, and the indigo theme.

I created a tutor plugin .local/share/tutor-plugins/custom_certificate.yml like:

name: custom_certificate
version: 0.1.0
    lms-env: |

did tutor plugins enable custom_certificate, and did tutor config save

I did cp -r edx-platform/lms/templates/certificates/ indigo/theme/lms/templates/ as directed here to include the baseline certificate information into the custom theme (since it’s not there by default).

I then edited indigo/theme/lms/templates/certificates/_about-accomplishments.html (and some other files) to have a <h1>CAN YOU SEE THIS 1</h1> line embedded in it

Then I ran

tutor plugins enable indigo
(even though it was already enabled)
time tutor images build openedx
tutor local quickstart

Note: The indigo instructions say to do tutor local do settheme indigo but I just get Error: No such command 'do'., But apparently tutor local settheme indigo seems to work.

However, at the end of all this, I don’t see my change anywhere in the certificate when I preview it for a class. It still just looks like the default. So what’s the right way to set a custom theme these days?

Hello @ABC,

Your steps/commands seem to be correct except for one: tutor local quickstart.

I don’t understand why you are doing quickstart after build creation. If you want to apply changes of your latest build you just need to do the following:

tutor local stop
tutor local start -d

And I have also created a public GitHub Gist to set up a theme in the Tutor Open edX world. You can take a look here: Useful command of Tutor Open edX · GitHub

Hard lessons with tutor have taught me that quickstart is universally more likely to yield success than just a stop and start, as it appears to do a superset of things, including restarting services that may have issues.

Yes, I have learned the same lessons for the quickstart but it is not always necessary. Just stop & start is sufficient to get your latest changes applied.

Anyone else have any ideas of how to customize course creation certificates?

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