Pilots for learning and development

Hello Community, this is my first post :slight_smile:

In my former company and currently in pilot project I m pursuing the mission to facilitate knowledge discovery:

the problem I am focusing on, it is to reduce time for understanding the context of a complex subject, and allow one to explore learning paths tailored to own background.

I want to facilitate research in between of multi-disciplinary areas - or diverse backgrounds.

Concerning R&D, I worked with network science (modelling knowledge networks) and experience design, to extract meaningful learning paths in between of multiple topics, and to navigate them.

Does open edx consider in-kind support for pilot projects - web platforms for knowledge discovery ?

Before looking at forum for Development topics (building applications), I am here looking for responses that clarify what kind of opportunities edx offers, in terms of exposing own content and in terms of a possible business models to make the project sustainable.

Assuming open edx also grant support to pilot projects run by small organisations or individuals, I wonder if it is possible to:

  • run analytics on the bulk database (NLP transcriptions of the content), so to make it searchable within a web app
  • freely associate courses, videos and portions of videos to other databases (a problem known as entity-matching)

I wonder also if the content could be freely accessible, what kind of business models may be possible to set up according to edx policy.

Please let me know if in the community there are people interesting in.

If this brief description sound interesting for edX team, I’ll be happy to have a conversation: might my work become an opportunity to work at edX, you know I’ll be enthusiastic.