- Maps of knowledge landscapes are contextual research platforms.

Accelerate discovery of knowledge by empowering everyone to make sense of complex subjects in the blink of an eye.

Empower learning and development experiences with tools that allows to overview, summarise and find meaningful learning paths that contextualise complex subjects.

As maps of geographic landscapes, maps of knowledge landscapes allow learners (students, professionals, decision-makers) to orient themselves and navigate the paths connecting diverse areas, walking directions tailored to connect own background with new domains. launched a public pilot, made by:

  • data-model to compute knowledge networks
  • user experience to extract learning paths
  • user-experience to navigate from generic knowledge to specialised knowledge
    (e.g. mapping factual knowledge networks with academic knowledge networks)
  • component to aggregate content on top of entities and connections between entities - as per Books, English Wikipedia, News, or custom content.

Key Partners
Our focus is to accompany a user to reach a deeper learning experience, by integrating trainings and MOOC courses:

we are willing to tap into Open edX and partner with Universities and NGOs to enhance discoverability of training programs and academic materials also in between of organisations.

We are also keen to pilot gamified learning experiences with transmedia applications, with the vision to value the diversity of cultural and educational background of people in social places.

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