Planned changes to shared New Relic default configs

I plan on updating some default configuration in the shared New Relic config here: configuration/newrelic.ini.j2 at master · openedx/configuration · GitHub

  • The edx-configuration repo is deprecated, as you can read about in [DEPR]: Phase out edx-configuration · Issue #51 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub. However, the New Relic config file has not yet moved and isn’t easily configurable per service.
  • I plan on turning on Distributed Tracing by default, rather than using New Relic’s legacy tracing features.
  • I also plan on turning on some other logging features by default, some of which are already on due to defaults built in to the New Relic agent, but New Relic support mentioned that these other settings should also be enabled to fix some logging issues we are seeing.
  • If I don’t hear back soon (end of next week, March 24), I’ll use this as confirmation that either no one is using New Relic, or everyone is ok with these default changes (please let me know if you use New Relic anyway).

Thank you!