Planning of an Open edX virtual conference/community event

Hey everybody,
after one year of social isolation, there is a growing desire to meet again, to collaborate, to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

Unfortunately, the global situation is not yet good and secure enough to allow an in-person conference. Therefore, we consider organizing a virtual community event in 2021.
Everybody who wants to share experiences or opinions, has ideas or wants to contribute to the organization of such an event is welcome to join:

Every Friday the group meets at 4:00 PM CET (3:00 PM UTC) in this meeting room: GoToMeeting

We look forward seeing you there and getting to know your experiences and ideas!


Hi all,
We’ve been hosting virtual events using Open edX! If you think it could be feasible, we can show you how we did. We made it very simple, with a little help I think it can be done much better.

Just to clarify: the event this group will be planning is THE Open edX “conference” for this spring. It is not a separate effort. The Open edX team at edX will be a big part of planning and organizing this event.

We wish we could hold an in-person Open edX conference as we did in San Diego in 2019 and as we were planning to do in Lisbon in 2020, but the pandemic situation is still too fluid to plan something like that.

A virtual conference can’t completely replace an in-person event. But we want to give the community a way to come together as best we can. And there are advantages to virtual events that we would like to take advantage of.

Help us plan the Open edX 2021 Virtual Conference!


@abstract-technology @Nicole_Kessler could you please create a card in the community Trello Board, so we’re able to track progress and access relevant documents? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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@gabrieldamours I have created the Trello Card for this weekly event. Please find the details here: Trello
Feel free to add things if missing.


Thanks a ton @abstract-technology :slight_smile: that’s going to be useful.