"Would you prefer..." ➤ Community Survey for the 2021 conf! 🔥 vote before Feb 5th!

Hi there!

Due to the numerous restrictions generated by the pandemic this 2021 the Open edX conference will not be possible as a traditional “in person” event.

But… (fortunately there’s always a but), the Open edX team at edX and the community members… are planning and organizing THE Open edX “conference” for this spring as a virtual event.

So, in order to plan and design the event, we want to hear the preferences from the whole Open edX Community.

Please take 2 minutes and fill in the following survey to help us shape the virtual event.

As David Allen says in its famous “Getting things done” book, if a task can be completed in less than 2 minutes it should not be posponed… do it now! :grin:

Form submissions will be closed on Feb 5th.


Hey @estebanetcheverry, thanks for doing this!

Would it be possible to extend the deadline for submission? 1 week is very short–I’ve just seen this, and I would like to ask our team to vote :slight_smile:

Hi @gabrieldamours !
We’ll keep the form open, so ask your team to vote asap so that we soon start working on the following steps!


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