Prerequisite configuration

Hello There,

We have set up one LMS instance with Open edX Hawthorn version and seems to be working fine.

I have added one-course “Development Part-1” before almost 3 months and adding a new course “Development Part-2” now. While setting up the Part-1 as a prerequisite of Part-2, it doesn’t work.

Got a response from some developers that we can not set prerequisites like this, Part-1 and Part-2 both required to be created together if we want to have prerequisite relation between them.

I wonder how can it be correct? It’s not possible for anyone to create all the coursed of the future together. Can anyone help me with the correct settings and understanding?

@Chintan_Dave Can you provide more details about what doesn’t work? Ie describe the steps you have taken to configure it, any error messages/logs, and how you see that it doesn’t work? That might make it more likely that someone else would understand what went wrong, and be able to help you.

Scenario 1:
I have created course 1 and course 2. In course 2 i have set course 1 in prerequisite. All users can access course 2 after completing course 1 and generating certificates. It’s working fine.

Scenario 2:
I have created course 1 and all users have completed this course and generated certificates. After that i have created course 2 and set course 1 in prerequisite. But course 2 is not accessible to any user.

Scenario 1 is working fine for us.