Problem utilizing a common footer

Hello everyone,

I have successfully configured the learner dashboard and learning MFE (Micro Frontend) in my Open edX platform, and I’ve also enabled the Tutor Indigo plugin. Now, I’m aiming to enable my edX platform to utilize a common footer. This footer will contain navigation links such as ‘About,’ ‘Contact,’ ‘Terms and Conditions,’ etc. I have already configured these footer links as per the documentation provided by Tutor Indigo.

However, the challenge I’m facing is that I also want these footer navigation links to appear in my MFEs, directing users to their respective URLs. Is this possible?

Hi! @Jenish_Sambahamphe
I work with edunext, which is a digital educational platform that utilizes the Open edX codebase.

Regarding your question, could you please confirm if your learner dashboard is a legacy version?

If it is, it’s important to note that Micro Frontends (MFEs) do not share the same footer as the legacy dashboard. If you wish to achieve a similar functionality across all parts of your platform, you can consider modifying the footer component located at GitHub - openedx/frontend-component-footer: Site footer component for edX frontend apps. and in the learning MFE at GitHub - openedx/frontend-app-learning: Front-end for the Open edX course experience, implemented using React and Paragon.. You would need to adjust the requirement of that component to match your desired version.

I hope this information will be helpful to you.