Programs images missing

With the latest Tutor 17 and discovery plugin on fresh install, if I add a program and upload it’s image it is not visible when browsing My programs. The image uploads successfully and it has generated name/ID but it is not found by the system when opening My Programs. Any idea?

Hi @borgdrone7,

I hope this will be helpful for you.

Hello, thank you for your reply, unfortunately this is not the same issue with the latest tutor (17) and Quince release of OpenEDX.

Hi @borgdrone7

Thank you for reaching out with your concern regarding the Tutor 17 and discovery plugin on a fresh install.To better assist you, could you please provide more detailed steps you followed when adding a program and uploading its image? This will help me understand the issue better and assist you more effectively.

I’m currently working in Quince and also on nightly builds, so once I have more information from you, I’ll be able to check.

Thank you very much for getting back to me. I am adding programs in discovery admin. After that I upload image (Banner image) and image is uploaded and links are generated but they are not working (404). Here is a screenshot of one such link:

Even if there is some temportary fix would be very useful. We had zillion changes in both MFEs and OpenEDX so we are not able to update release now even if there is a new bugfix release.


Hi. For clarity, are you facing 404 on the direct URLs (it seems from the image)? I have tried to reproduce it on latest Tutor v17.0.3 but image is appearing as expected after uploading.

Yes, I am trying direct image URL.
I am using tutor 17.0.0, I will check code changes between 17.0.0 and 17.0.3.

This is fixed now, I see the plugin is updated with new URLs and also tags added to old URLs so it works with old code too now.
Thanks everyone for the help.