Python variables in multiple choice questions don't appear in hints

If I define some variables in Python in a multiple-choice question in OLX, I can substitute the variable values in the problem text, in the answer choices, and in the solutions, but NOT in the hints. In the following example, If I click ‘Hint’ on the question, the variable values are not substituted in the hint text. Is this a bug? Happens in Hawthorn and also in Juniper.rc3

  <script type="text/python">
x = random.randrange(2,5)
  <p>Pick an angle in standard position.</p>
  <p>DEBUG: x=$x cw=$cw</p>
    <choicegroup type="MultipleChoice">
      <choice correct="true">correct</choice>
      <choice correct="false">incorrect</choice>
    <hint>DOES NOT WORK: The angle $x is measured in a $cw direction.</hint>
      The solution is $cw.