(Quince release) The notification tray or Discussion sidebar always pops up in mobile browsers, is it intended?

I was browsing edx.org on my phone and found that the upgrade notification always pops up whenever I navigate to a unit. I checked a course with the discussion sidebar enabled, same thing happened.
I wonder if these are untested behaviors or if there are reasons behind them.
Is there any way to turn them off on mobile browsers or turn them off completely (from a developer perspective)?

My suggestion is these 2 modals should only pop up when the screen wide is greater than some amount (1200px ?!). Or they should be placed at the bottom of the unit instead of modal in small screen devices.

These modals should also be closed when users hit the back button on mobile devices, right now it just navigates back and keeps the modal open.

Not related to this issue but discussion post buttons (response, like, follow) should be visible, it will be less confusing for users and less painful on touch devices. The response box of the main topic should be opened by default so it would encourage learners to engage more in discussions.

These are some suggestions to consider. I want to customize these behaviors but It too costly to upgrade.

Does this also happen in a local Tutor installation?

I tried on the tutor demo site, same behavior

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