Release of frontend-app-admin-portal


Just need an update regarding the release of frontend-app-admin-portal mfe .Is openedx planning to release in soon or it may take a while as i am working on it and still not sure weather to wait for release or just move on with my changes.

Hi there,

At this point I don’t think Admin Portal is high on the list of MFEs to be included in an Open edX release. The Build Test Release working group hasn’t created a task to support it, for instance, and I don’t know how widely its used in the community. (The BTR priorities are here: Everything · GitHub)

May I ask what sort of work you’re doing in the MFE? Is it something that can be upstreamed?

I was trying to differentiate enterprise customers by giving access to the courses of their enterprise only and also where can we see the difference between enterprise admin and enterprise learner through admin portal or anywhere else.

Hey @rishabh!

The frontend-app-admin-portal micro-frontend is a set of tools that allows an administrator of an enterprise/organization to manage their learners by granting access via a subscription license, a coupon code, etc. It also has some basic reporting on learners’ progress in their course(s), as well as a way for an administrator to enroll learners in courses in bulk. frontend-app-admin-portal is not intended to be learner-facing.

On the enterprise learner side of things, you might be interested in the frontend-app-learner-portal-enterprise micro-frontend. Largely, it consists of:

  • Dashboard page that displays only the course enrollments associated with their enterprise customer.
  • Search page (utilizing Algolia) that only returns courses associated with the learner’s enterprise customer.
  • Course page that provides basic information about the course, including the final price the learner will have to pay out of pocket (or denotes whether a course is fully subsidized by their enterprise customer).

In terms of the search page that returns only the courses available to a customer, while we do use a paid, hosted search provider (Algolia) via the react-instantsearch-dom library, you might look into the enterprise-catalog repository. This service aggregates the content available to each enterprise customer based on what catalogs are available to the customer, and provides an API endpoint to return the relevant content metadata. The enterprise-catalog service is what is also responsible for taking this content metadata and populating it into our Algolia search index such that the frontend-app-learner-portal-enterprise micro-frontend can display it on the search page.

Thanks for the reply is such a quick time and Yes, I have tried frontend-app-learner-portal-enterprise its works perfectly as it should. I want to distinguish the courses made by one enterprise to the other i.e. one enterprise cant see courses made by other enterprise on studio itself or any other mfe (if possible).So for this i found 2 roles defined in enterprise-catalog-admin portal one as enterprise learner and enterprise-admin so need to know what one role can do and what the other cant do. I also publisher mfe but publisher is accessible by staff user and staff user can see all courses so was trying different ways to hide courses between enterprises either in studio or publisher or anything else.

Just an update I was able to figure out how to distinguish enterprise with their course data. Thanks for the help .