Enterprise Usage Discovery

Hi Everyone,

The maintenance working group is seeking to understand the current usage by the community of the enterprise repositories. We want to use this information to better prioritize maintenance efforts and potentially deprecate capabilities that are not in use by the community. Are you using any of the repositories listed below or any enterprise features within the edx-platform? If you can, please provide information about how you’re using the features, especially if it’s in a non-standard way.

Current repositories related to enterprise features:

  • edx-enterprise
  • enterprise-catalog
  • license-manager
  • taxonomy-connector
  • enterprise-subsidy
  • enterprise-access
  • frontend-enterprise
  • frontend-app-admin-portal
  • frontend-app-enterprise-public-catalog
  • frontend-app-learner-portal-enterprise
  • Other enterprise features (Please elaborate in a reply)
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Hi @feanil, we are currently working with a client to set enterprise integration using the Edx Enterprise + Enterprise Catalog + License Manager + others (as voted in the poll). We are in the early stages of rolling this out and I would say we are mostly sticking to the available features for now.

However, there is one crucial custom use case that we handle. Offering closed courses (invitation only) to specific enterprises. This is not something that edx-enterprise stack supports out of the box.

Apart from that, we are also planning to build a custom MFE to replace the frontend-app-learner-portal-enterprise, with a leaner feature set and client-specific requirements.

Finally, I want to mention that we started with just edx-enterprise and ecommerce as a solution last year, but have moved away from ecommerce completely for the learner enrollment flow, but still see that we need ecommerce for the course pricing data. If there is any ongoing work on completely removing that as a dependency, we will be happy to contribute.


Hi, @feanil Thanks for opening this space about the Enterprise project. We are currently using edx-enterprise and enterprise-catalogue (voted) for one of our main installations and also plan to activate Enterprise MFEs in the coming months. I know some other customers want to deploy Enterprise, but I don’t have much information on that. We are also planning to move away from the ecommerce flow, so happy to discuss or contribute to this effort.

I also take advantage of this post to announce the Enterprise Tutor plugin we have developed: GitHub - Pearson-Advance/tutor-contrib-enterprise: Tutor plugin for Enterprise and Enterprise Catalogue services.. We have just released it and look forward for any feedback or contributions.

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