Report Open Response (edx-ora2) bug. Cannot submit responses for courses with IDs greater than 70 characters

I went to edx-ora2 repo but I could not create an issue there, and it suggested that I create a post in the forum so I post it here.

I’ve mentioned this before in this post but I didn’t make it clear as a bug report, so I create this post.

Let’s take the table openedx.assessment_peerworkflow which is used by edx-ora2 for example.
course_id is varchar(255) and item_id is varchar(128) but item_id is generated based on course_id so It make more sense that item_id should have a longer length (course_id length + 60 from my obeservation).

The current database design makes courses with IDs greater than 70 characters incompatible with edx-ora2.

I don’t know where exactly to fix this so I could not open an PR for this.

Hi @Anh_Vu_Nguy_n , thank you for reporting this issue!

From looking at edx-platform, UsageKeyFields tend to be 255 characters long, which is the same length as the course ID.

If I can describe what needs to be changed, would you be willing to submit a PR against edx-ora2 to address this issue? I’m a maintainer on that repository, so when you’re ready, you ping me @pomegranited, and I’ll review.

But if you don’t feel comfortable submitting a PR, that’s OK too! Just let me know, and I’ll look for someone else to do it.

So, to fix this, we need to update the item_id field’s max_length value in these three places:

Once that’s been updated, you can run python makemigrations to create a database migration file, then add that file to your commit. Running python migrate will apply the migration to your database, if you want to test it.