Reporting/Supporting a Fix for problem-builder X-block issue

I am observing a new issue with problem-builder x-block where I’m unable to edit any of the components in the block because of an error that states:


Students will not be able to access this component. Re-edit your component to fix the error.

Error: studio_render_children_view.html

It appears that this change happened with some of the new copy-paste work that is coming in, but I can’t confirm that. The timing just seems to work out if I look at the recent commits. (I’m observing the error on, and not yet Palm, so I don’t have access to the logs)

Part of me is just hopeful that there will be a fix for this. I use this block quite a bit.

The other part wonders what the best protocol is for reporting this kind of issue. Is it raising an issue on the edx-platform repo? The x-block repo? something else

Tagging @braden since it seems like he’s involved in both the xblock and the new copy-paste work!

Hi @john_curricume,

Thanks for the report. I will look into it. In general, to report XBlock bugs, you can open an issue on the XBlock’s repo like GitHub - open-craft/problem-builder: An XBlock for posing questions to students . Though it does sound like this may be a platform change that’s affecting problem-builder, as problem-builder is one of the only XBlocks that uses a hierarchy of blocks (XBlocks inside other XBlocks). So posting on Slack or the forum is fine if you’re not sure where the problem lies exactly.

@john_curricume FYI, it seems that this bug is unrelated to the copy/paste work and instead was caused by .

Basically, we need to update xblock-utils to incorporate this fix.

I will open a PR soon.

CC @Agrendalath

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PR: fix: StudioContainerXBlockMixin needs to be updated to match edx-platform changes [BD-13] by bradenmacdonald · Pull Request #200 · openedx/xblock-utils · GitHub