Request for Comments: Redwood Release Testing Strategy - Your Input Needed!

Hi folks! To identify and prioritize the recommendations to be implemented for the launch of Redwood, I am launching the following poll in which you can select the recommendations from the Redwood Release Testing Strategy that you consider could add value in the immediate or short term to the process of releasing a new version of Open edX. This will allow us to perform a first iteration and evaluate after the release of Redwood the impact of the implemented improvements and weigh whether we should continue to implement improvements for future releases. The information we collect here will help us make decisions during the next BTR meeting to begin preparations for the testing phase after Redwood is cut in approximately 6 weeks. You’re more than welcome to join us!

  • 1.The Product Core Working Group should take ownership of a “master” test spreadsheet
  • 2.Cut the official testing period in half
  • 3.Codify the process on Open edX Documentation
  • 4.Move from spreadsheet to Github issues
  • 5.Process suggestions
  • 6.Make the test plan/state more visible/discoverable
  • 7.Milestones (with dates) should be set
  • 8.Maintainers are responsible for fixing bugs or getting the authors of the feature question to do so
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