Retrieving data from registration page custom field

*Hi Team,

Is there any possible way to retrieve data from the database that has been stored by custom field of registration page.

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Hi, there are a couple different methods of implementing “custom fields” on the registration page - which did you use?

If you used the REGISTRATION_EXTENSION_FORM method with a custom form app like the example, then your data will be stored in a Django model in MySQL, and you can use any standard Django QuerySet API or MySQL query to retrieve it.

Using this example, you would do something like:

from custom_reg_form.models import ExtraInfo

for e in ExtraInfo.objects.all():
    print(f"{e.user.username} prefers to use {e.favorite_editor}")

hi, same question how to retrieve it in profile?

@braden Thanks for the response.

Is it possible to include it on the profile or grade report?

Not easily, as far as I know. You’ll have to create a customized version of the profile or grade report UI. It would be a nice contribution if someone made it easier to do this.

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