How to change the "Support education research..." fields of the registration page?

I successfully followed the steps from this thread:

and installed the plugin from here:

But that ultimately just adds new fields which are mandatory. I’d like to

  1. Change the wording of “Support education research by providing additional information” (to something more like “Help us provide better education by telling us about yourself”.)
  2. Change the optional fields that are shown when someone clicks that “Support education research by providing additional information” area, to remove the request for address (I don’t want people’s home addresses in my data!) and add other fields like “age” instead of “date of birth” (which is too invasive.)
  3. Make a “nationality” pull down menu where I let them select from a list of countries, rather than taking freeform text input.

Any pointers to how those things can be done? There doesn’t seem like there would be anything Tutor-specific about this, which is why I’m asking about it on these forums rather than those. The OpenCraft example is kind of too complicated for me to understand unfortunately.

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Hey @knoise,

I have not experimented with tutor but on the docker devstack and also on normal installation these requirements you mentioned can be achieved.

We can do this by making a custom theme and overriding the register.underscore file and you can put any custom messages you want to put there.

You can hide the fields that you don’t want by editing the configuration in your lms.yml.

        city: hidden
        confirm_email: hidden
        country: required
        gender: optional
        goals: optional
        honor_code: required
        level_of_education: optional
        mailing_address: hidden
        terms_of_service: hidden
        year_of_birth: optional

You can make any field required/optional/hidden as per your convenience. For adding new field you need to use custom-registration-form.

You can first try to install and use custom-form-app and then you can start changing the field to age and area.

Hope this answer helps you. Let me know how it went.