SAML Integration buttons not visible on second Open edX site

Hello everyone,

I’m running a devstack instance of the KOA release and I just added a new site on this instance which was already running one site.

I’m trying to add the SSO buttons on the login page as I already did for the existing site on this instance yet once all the saml configuration and samlprovider configuration was done, the login buttons are not showing on the login page, the saml configuration part seems fine since the metadata check is green on the django the admin page and it is almost the same configuration as I have for my other sites which is already working.

I’ve checked the code that is supposed to verify the saml providers of the third_party_auth django application and I think I found out that my issue is when the code in the file third_party_auth/ is run the method _enabled_providers is doing the following check which is returning false for my new site but true in my other site.

if SAMLConfiguration.is_enabled(Site.objects.get_current(get_current_request()), 'default'):

I’m not sure which flag I should set to make sure my SAML_Configuration are enabled on this new site because the enabled checkbox is ticked yet the check above is returning false.

I would appreciate any help to understand what to check to enable the saml third party authentication on my new site running on the same devstack instance or if anyone has any issues setting third_party_auth on several sites running on the same edX instance ?

Thank you in advance and don’t hesitate to ask me questions if I’ve not made my case clear enough or understandable enough.

Best regards,

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