Third Auth Saml button only visible on one Open edX site on my devstack installation

Hello all,

I’m running a Juniper devstack installation on a single server.

I have followed this documentation edx-docs in order to run several edx sites independently.

So far I have created two different sites on two domains as such:

For each site I’d like to use one saml identity provider so I have configured one SamlProviderConfig for my site A and one for my site B but for some reason the login button is only visible on the site A and is not visible on the site B.

When I changed the SAML IDPs configuration to use the site A instead of the site B I can see the button but I’m not able to see the login button on the site B whatever I do.

So it seems that the login pipeline is working only from the site A I’ve tested both saml IDPs config and they are working from site A.

I also tried to use the tpa-hint setting on the sites configuration to “force” the site to use the IDP I want but again it’s not working on the site B.

The thing is I’m not sure how to debug this issue, I don’t have much information on the logs even with the IDP configured in debug mode.

I’d love to have some pointers from people who might have configured saml IDPs on several sites or some help to debug this issue because I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this.

I hope my description is clear enough I can explain on further posts if not.

Thanks in advanced
Best regards,

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