SCORM Package on Open edX

At our organization, we rely on iSpring Presenter to create and disseminate SCORM packages within the framework of our open-source learning management system, Open edX. We are dedicated to optimizing our usage of SCORM features to ensure the most effective learning experience for our users. Specifically, we seek to fully understand the procedures for publishing content as SCORM. There is a report that we can get from our OpenEDx server. However we failed to process this data into our learning analytics.

In leveraging SCORM, we aim to achieve the following professional objectives:

  • Success Rate Tracking: We seek to monitor the success rates of our modules and quizzes, allowing us to gauge the effectiveness of our educational content and make necessary adjustments. Although we have this information in our data, you can see it in gradebook column in the provided Excel screenshot attached, we have set our success rate %80. We have problems understanding what “0-1” refers to in this data.
  • Time Spent Analysis: Understanding the time spent on modules and quizzes is crucial in assessing user engagement and optimizing content duration. Although we have this information in our data, it is not accurate.
  • Performance Metrics: We aspire to identify quizzes with the highest number of correct and incorrect answers, enabling us to pinpoint areas where learners excel and where additional support may be needed.
  • Completion Rate Measurement: The completion rate of modules is a key metric for assessing the progress and dedication of our learners.

Is there any solution or advice you could give to us?