Xblock SCORM, SCORM Dispatch package and learner_id value (SCORM 2004)

Dear community,

I’m trying to upload a SCORM Dispatch package in a unit (i.e. upload a SCORM package, but resources are hosted in a remote server - the SCORM package contains an html page that redirect to the resources hosted remotly).

When I try to launch the SCORM content, i have a popup that pops up saying:
“The host LMS for this dispatch returned an empty learner id. Since the learner id is required for dispatch, the launch has been halted.”

Do you know if the SCORM content player is able to communicate the “cmi.learner_id” value ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Valentin,
I have never seen this specific error, so can only offer a few brainstorming ideas.

  1. Confirm you are testing with a real learner who is enrolled in the course and accessing from LMS. If you are accessing from studio, there might be issues passing a learner ID (not sure), and if you are accessing as a staff sometimes staff have access to the course but aren’t technically enrolled. So student user from LMS is your safest bet.
  2. Have you tried configuring X_FRAME_OPTIONS: ALLOWFROM wherever you are hosting your SCORM package? I don’t know the exact steps but if you are trying to communicate between two different origins then I feel like this is often a place to troubleshoot.

And then lastly I’d suppose I’d try hosting it all on Open edX at least to see if the problem is with the remote hosting or something else.

Trying those things and pinpointing the errors you run into might help the community get you an answer.


Hi John,

Thank you very much for your feedbacks
It’s a shame, as a new user I cannot share screenshots

I am playing a test course in a sandbox provided by Edx team
URL is: Course | edX
I guess you won’t have access but I’m sharing just to check with you if you think I am at the right place (i.e. to show that i’m not using Studio)
I can’t recall if I did enroll to the course

I did not notice we could select a profile (“View this course as… [Staff, Specific Student, Audit]”
By default my profile was “Staff”

When I select a “specific user”, I have a different error message:
“This type of component cannot be shown while viewing the course as a specific student.”

For my remote package, i’m using the SCORM cloud platform (https://app.cloud.scorm.com/) , they do provide the “Dispatch SCORM package export” feature with I believe do not require any configuration on any side (We are not supposed to face any “cross site origin” issue)

The SCORM package itself, when uploaded directly in Edx, is working fine

Thanks again