Scorm Unavailable After a While

I am facing this peculiar issue where scorm uploads and runs normally for a while but then crashes a small time after and shows “page not found”.

Here it is working at first:

This is the error where it fails:

Has anyone faced this issue? If so, how did you overcome it?

Hello @MMarei

Did you check the logs when you try to access the scorm module for 2nd time?

Hey @rax ,
I have not seen any significant error messages in logs, this is what it looks like on refresh

Hey @MMarei , I tried to reproduce the issue but wasn’t able to; everything is working perfectly fine for me. There might be an issue with your SCORM package. Can you try it with another SCORM package?

@Abdul_Muqadim Tried it with multiple, it seems not connected to scorm.

@MMarei are you using tutor quince?

This is tutor palm @Abdul_Muqadim

I am experiencing the same situation
did you solve it?

Alright, so far it has stayed the longest it ever has, here is a list of things I have done:

  1. Placed all media in a separate course and referenced their links
  2. Deleted the subsection and remade it.
  3. Switched to scorm 2004 and removed all documents attached onto the scorm
  4. Removed LTS reporting