Security: Git vulnerabilities patched, please upgrade

Several vulnerabilities were recently discovered and patched in git; you can read more details in the GitHub blog at Git security vulnerabilities announced | The GitHub Blog . If you ever use git, please upgrade it to a version that has patched these vulnerabilities; currently version 2.39.1 is the only suitable release, although some Linux distributions have also applied the patches to the older git versions in their long term support releases.

  • If you use macOS and have admin rights on your computer, the easiest fix is probably to install the latest git version via Homebrew.
  • If you use Linux, you should be able to upgrade git via your system’s native package manager.
  • If you use Windows, a release is available from the git web site at Git - Downloading Package

If you are responsible for maintaining any servers, please also make sure that they get upgraded to an appropriately patched git version.

Thank you!