Seeking: Author for Intro to Site Operations course

Hi All,

I’m writing an Introduction to Open edX Developing course, and I’d like to include a module (that will later expand to its own full course) on running a site. This would be short and would involve a lot of links rather than much exposition or examples.

This is the tentative outline:

Module 3: Site Operators

  • Module Objective
  • Quickstart
    • Pre-requisites
    • Step 1…
    • Step N
  • Concepts & References (mostly, a paragraph plus links for each unit)
    • Feature Toggles
    • Django Admin
    • MFEs (enabling, disabling, anything special about running them)
    • Documentation
    • Extending (theming, installing xblocks, etc)

I’m open to changes, please provide your comments below. But I really need an expert (or ideally, a few!) to help author this content. Please let me know if you’re interested - comment here or reach out in Slack @sarina. Thanks team!

PS: This does benefit the community and does count as Core Contributor work, if you’ve got a couple spare hours!

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I would like to add:

Change Terms of Service
Change Privacy statement
Change Honor
Change favicon.ico