CC Role Expansion: Xavier Antoviaque

Hi all,

@antoviaque is currently a CC in the Project Management capacity, is a forums moderator, and has been with Open edX since the beginning.

I am nominating him to take on the role of Content Author, in part because of his skill at project management and in part because of his previous work authoring courses. I have been able to work with him on development of MOOC-FLOSS, a course teaching the fundamentals of Free/Libre and Open Source Software. I know his skills will be a benefit to the tCRIL team as we go about creating our first training courses.

The comment period will be open one week, through April 18.



Of course, I give Xavier my :+1: :wink:

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+1 from me

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Great idea :+1: ! @antoviaque’s insight into contributions and the development process is valuable and worth passing on.


:+1:, with zero objections. Makes total sense.

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:+1: congrats and looks like the courses are going to be excellent.

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Here’s my :+1:t3:!!
We’re so lucky to count on your experience!

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I vote yes as well. :smile:

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:+1:, of course.

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Awesome. I vote yes. I will like to take those courses in the future.

Thanks everyone for your input. The feedback period is over; @antoviaque is now a Content Author, in addition to his roles as Forum Mod & Project Manager. Thank you Xavier!