Self-Paced Course - Displaying Result, but not correct vs incorrect answers

Hi there
I have a self-paced course, so no course closure date. I need to display assessment results (on progress page only is OK), immediately, but NOT show if particular answers are incorrect or correct. Please help!

Assessment Results Visibility
Always show assessment results
When learners submit an answer to an assessment, they immediately see whether the answer is correct or incorrect, and the score received.

Never show assessment results
Learners never see whether their answers to assessments are correct or incorrect, nor the score received.

Show assessment results when subsection is past due
Learners do not see whether their answers to assessments were correct or incorrect, nor the score received, until after the due date for the subsection has passed. In a self paced course, graded subsections are assigned due dates based on each learner’s Personalized Learner Schedule. If the subsection does not have a due date, learners always see their scores when they submit answers to assessments.

This is frequenly asked, so I’m going to provide one workaround:

an individual question can be configured via the advanced editor with this option:

however, it doesn’t fully do the trick, because it will reveal the correctness both in under the problem tittle and under the submit button:

so, the way you can solve it, is by also adding some css code that will hide the unwanted indicators.

here is the code you’d use in the advance editor:

    <p>The correctness of the response can be hidden and a custom message can be shown instead</p>
    <label>Add the question text, or prompt, here. This text is required.</label>
    <description>You can add an optional tip or note related to the prompt like this. </description>
    <choicegroup type="MultipleChoice" show_correctness="never" submitted_message="Your Answer has been received">
      <choice correct="false">an incorrect answer</choice>
      <choice correct="true">the correct answer</choice>
      <choice correct="false">an incorrect answer</choice>
  <style type="text/css">
  div.problem-progress, div.notification.error.notification-submit, div.notification.success.notification-submit
  { display: none;}

and it will look like this:

an example can be found here

ps. please note this will not prevent more knowledgable users from figuring out the correctness, as it only hides it from view, but it is still in the html code people can explore with the browser dev tools.

Thank you so much!!! We made a code adjustment in the end, but it meant grade breakdowns didn’t show on the Progress page. We’re going to revert that and try yours and I’ll let you know :slight_smile: