SGA Installation failure

We have already installed the Open edx ironwood master version and trying to perform some customization. So would you please suggest the manual installation of SGA Xblock, without altering the existing structure.
We followed the below steps:

     sudo su -edxapp -s /bin/bash.
     pip install -e git+

But we cannot even enter into an already added unit as it shows there was an error encountered.
So, we followed the below steps to uninstall the package.

     sudo su -edxapp -s /bin/bash.
     pip uninstall  git+

But it accidentally removed all SGA components from the ironwood version. Please support us to revert the changes or, how to add SGA component to our currently installed OpenEdx

For your reference followed these 5 steps to install the Open edx ironwood.master in ubuntu16.04

step 1 :export OPENEDX_RELEASE= open-release/ironwood.master
step 2 : Created a config.yml file and added the following:
EDXAPP_LMS_BASE: “localhost”``EDXAPP_CMS_BASE: “localhost:18010”`
step 3 : wget$OPENEDX_RELEASE/util/install/ -O -| sudo -E bash
step 4 : wget$OPENEDX_RELEASE/util/install/ -O -| bash
step 5 : wget$OPENEDX_RELEASE/util/install/ -O -| bash

After the installation,followed below steps:
In /edx/app/edxapp/lms.env.json and /edx/app/edxapp/cms.env.json , added the below line :
“ADDL_INSTALLED_APPS”: [“edx_sga”],
Also in /edx/app/edxapp/cms.env.json, add this to the FEATURES object:

@divya.vishnu, have you tried installing the edx-sga again?
What error is it displaying, when you’re trying to view the unit? You can find the LMS logs in /edx/var/log/lms/edx.log and the Studio ones in /edx/var/log/cms/edx.log.