Studio not saving error ironwood

Hello, Please help me
Why Upgrading edx-sga version does not work in ironwoods version.
cms log file.txt (6.3 KB)

I took a look at the CMS log you shared, but I’m not sure how it’s related to upgrading edx-sga. Can you say more about what you were doing when you encountered that error?

What version of edx-sga are you upgrading from and what version are you upgrading to?

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I upgrade edx-sga version from 0.8.3 to 0.9.0.
When I add “ALLOW_ALL_ADVANCED_COMPONENTS”: true, to cms.env.json, server is ok but edx-sga does not work.
So when I added “ADDL_INSTALLED_APPS”: [“edx_sga”], to cms.env.json and lms.env.json, my server does not work and cms log file show like that.