Show meetings created in a particular unit (Zoom LTI Pro)

Hello everyone. I integrated Zoom LTI Pro into our Open Edx instance using xblock-lti-consumer. I have a problem, I think it’s worth describing it:

Teacher 1 creates Unit 1 with the Zoom LTI component for Group 1.
Teacher 2 creates Unit 2 with the Zoom LTI component for Group 2.

Group 1 does not see the Unit of Group 2. This is true in reverse as well.

But, group 1 sees in its (Unit 1) meetings of both units. And Group 2 also sees in its Unit 2 meetings of both groups.
I want every group to see their meetings.

Is it possible to do this?
I didn’t find anything that I could do. Zoom support responds for several weeks. I will be grateful for any hint.