Site configuration and security

Hi, I am beginning with Edx and I am would like to understand better how sites are working.

I know how to set up a site with the django admin but what about the “example” site ? Is it ok to delete it ?

Does anyone has experience with securing a site in production ? especially “Studio” and “Admin” ?

Hi @chrisbst43,

You should replace the “” site in the django admin with the main domain name of your LMS / Open edX instance. Instead of deleting it, I recommend just editing it to change the URL/domain from “” to whatever your LMS domain is.

If you very recently added your domain as a second separate “site” I would recommend deleting that second entry and then editing the existing entry (it’s the default and has ID 1 and is at /admin/sites/site/1/change/ ) to use your domain, just in case any entities in the system had been linked to that existing default site entry.

Securing edX for production is potentially complex and there are many things to consider. Some of the most important are making sure that the default users ( are not active, and that you are using the latest supported version of Open edX and regularly applying security updates. But in general I would recommend using a hosted offering of Open edX or contracting a company or individual with Open edX expertise to provide such support.

Hi Braden,

Thanks for the help. I got another issue with that site. Actually I cannot delete it:
It tells that my user doesn’t have the permissions to delete the related history object.
But as you may have guessed, I am using a superadmin user.

I tried hard to find the appropriate setting in the admin but it doesn’t seem to work ?

Do you have a trick for that one please ?