PLATFORM_NAME on Sites configuration does not work

Hi all,

Currently playing with the tutor flavor of Open edX but I am facing some issues, as for the title, that the PLATFORM_NAME in the Sites Configurations, does not change between subdomains.

I configured Caddy to manage multiple subdomains, added the ALLOWED_HOSTS in the django configuration, but, seems that every addition to the Sites configuration does not make any difference for the platform.

Do you have any advice on how to proceed to debug? The logs for the lms, say nothing about this.


I’m wondering if adding PLATFORM_NAME to the Site Configuration will actually overwrite the settings.PLATFORM_NAME in the theme too.

@fvollero Did you try setting lower case platform name key in site configuration like this platform_name?

Hi Zia.

Yes i did try setting up both, all caps and lower case.

Seems that the variable: settings.PLATFORM_NAME in the theme stay always with the first one and does not get overwritten :confused:

Thanks for your answer!

Then possibly something wrong the way you are defining site configurations. Could you please make sure the relevant site configuration is enabled too?

Hi Zia,

Yeah, surely there’s something wrong with this, but I cut and pasted the configuration from the docs here: 4.2.2. Configuring Sites Independently — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation so I am not entirely sure what could have gone wrong or is failing. Thanks anyway for your support and guidance!