Sites using badgr badging?

Hi all!

We’re exploring adding badging to our Open edX instance through badgr. We’re particularly interested in the assessment-level badging provided by the badgr xBlock, as well as badgr learning pathways.

It would be helpful if we could see some of these features in action. Does anyone know of an Open edX site making use of the badgr xBlock, or badging in general?


Hey Rowan,
Since your question hasn’t got any answers after 3 days I want to share you my experience.
About a couple weeks ago I tried to setup Badge awarding feature on my instance. I succeed to setup badgr-server & its front-end. However when I tried to configure my edx-platform to connect to it I faced some troubles.
In order to use badgr-server the LMS tried to check if a particular badge has been defined and got a 404 response which indicates that it wasn’t. Then it retried to create the badge and sent another request which was responded by HTTP header #400 which means “Bad request”.
By debugging this situation I figured that it would be happening because of that the feature is developed a log time ago so may be outdated and needs some reviews. Then I asked your question from some of my friends and all of them answered that they don’t use the feature. After all @dave pointed out that it could be a good candidate for being deprecated and removed from the source code. Obviously the written code could be used to create a badge awarding plugin for Open edX with its own repository and maintenance.
hope that it helps

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Hi everyone.

I have mainly spoken about my experience with getting badgr server to work.

We followed the badging guide to the T.

Followed badgr server’s installation guide that is here

When running badgr server locally we could see that badges were being issued but they did not match our existing badges, edx asked for badgr_server/badge1 and while badgr_server had a badge with the badge1 class its URI was badgr_server/wxdexgr329e9urfhGGRFGGHFJFSHh because it was autogenerated and we couldn’t change it.

We made the changes described on Error updating user preferences. Credentials not provided? in order to have editable slugs from the django application of badgr server.

Once you make wxdexgr329e9urfhGGRFGGHFJFSHh’s id to be badge1 it works fairly well.

We made another change so that users that were inactive on badgr server/didn’t use their account weren’t being kicked out of their profiles on edx when we requested their badges(funny little side effect of running multiple django apps on one server). This second change is also described in the post I provided.

Two line changes and following the guide to a T got badgr server working on our end. I even got the badgr xblock working but this was at the very end of my journey at my last company and my boss didn’t want to let me do a reinstallation to have a propper way of installing the xblock

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@Rowan I think we might have some examples to discuss with you. @guruprasad weren’t you working on adding badging for a project?

@gabrieldamours, for task that I worked on recently, it initially looked like badging integration with an external badging server was required. However, on further examination, I found that it wasn’t needed at all. So I ended up not looking into the badging integration at all. So I don’t have a lot of experience or context about it. Sorry!

Hi Rowan,

We’re using Badgr on and
I’ll notify our badging expert Bryan Wilson who can speak more to our experience with it.


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