Smartphone cannot display grades

Hi all

The histogram on the Progress page does not display on smartphones screens (and not tablets either save for holding landscape mode). We get a lot of “I cannot see my grades” complaints.

Did you have this problem? Is there a way to solve it without using the android/ios App ?

Before Juniper, students could at least see their numeric grades below, but now the numeric grades are hidden…

@Remi_Bachelet Hi! I tried it in Juniper in a desktop web browser with small screen (simulation of phone screen provided by the browser) and the graph is shown smaller, that means it’s adapted to the screen as it should:

But the behaviour might be different in different devices or browsers. Do you have some screenshot of what happens?
If the graph is larger than the screen, horizontal scrolling should allow seeing it. But the right behaviour is to resize the graph as shown above.

Hi Daniel

did you try on a real smartphone screen? Even on new Android HD tablet, the histogram disappears when held vertically

Mmm… yes, the histogram does weird things. I used the simulator inside the browser (I don’t own a smartphone). I’ll ask around whether someone has seen this or knows why.

@Remi_Bachelet I also tested a Juniper instance - on firefox on a recent android phone. The chart was displaying correctly for me.

Your screenshots appears to show share buttons and a logo in place of the chart. Perhaps this bug is related to your custom theme?