Some feature toggles don't work

I am using Tutor v14.0.1 . I found that these 2 feature toggles don’t work for me. Do they work for you?
The unenroll option still showing on learner’s dashboard
The delete account section still showing on the account page.
My plugin:

from tutor import hooks

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This feature toggle was introduced on April 22nd, after the Nutmeg branch was cut: [BB-4951] Implement feature flag to disable students un-enrollment by 0x29a · Pull Request #29326 · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub
Thus, it is not available in Nutmeg :-/

As far as I understand the edx-platform source code, this feature flag is respected by the legacy account page, but not by the Account MFE. Evidence:

The account_settings_context uses this feature flag: edx-platform/ at 20de3c71b4951472947917d2388e8412f53f6bcc · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub
But it is bypassed when we run the account MFE: edx-platform/ at 20de3c71b4951472947917d2388e8412f53f6bcc · openedx/edx-platform · GitHub

The Account MFE does not make use of this feature flag at all: frontend-app-account/JumpNav.jsx at c39fd332b670f92879db3d227aaba83a1ad44e26 · openedx/frontend-app-account · GitHub

I think this should be considered as a bug in the Account MFE. Thus, I filed this issue: There is no way to disable account deletion in the Account MFE · Issue #189 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub


Thank you for your clarification.