[Spec Memo] Content Library Authoring Experience V2

Hello dev community!

The 2U > Teaching & Learning team is finally completing the multi-year BD-14 initiative by rolling out a new Content Library authoring experience (aka “V2”) to edx.org Studio Users. Primarily, this means: rolling out the library-authoring MFE, and migrating Modulestore-backed “V1” libraries to Blockstore. Our work will be the culmination of a long series of projects that will enable these features.

There is now a Spec Memo posted on Open edX Confluence Wiki outlining our current approach, early technical decisions, scope, etc. Please review this memo and provide any and all feedback you can, we would love to hear from as many community members as possible regarding the direction and goals of this project!

Memo Link:


Very exciting news! Thanks for sharing, @jristau1984.

I think it’s a particularly good idea that at some point in time Libraries v1 will simply become Libraries v2. BTR and Tutor folk should just be aware that the upgrade script from one release to the next might be more involved than usual, when the time comes.

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