SSO Studio logout issue


I am facing an issue in my installation of nutmeg.2 about studio logout.
Now studio login over sso and it works without any problem, I am creating also session cookie name for cms differently from lms session.
But if i do logout from studio i am redirect to lms logout that discard my logout cms request because there the referrer is the same

for uri in uris:
# Only include the logout URI if the browser didn’t come from that IDA’s logout endpoint originally,
# avoiding a double-logout. + " referrer? " + referrer)
if not referrer or (referrer and not uri.startswith(referrer)):

I follow this instructions and I add <public Studio root>/logout/ to the LMS IDA_LOGOUT_URI_LIST

What am I doing wrong?

Hello, this is a problem with tutor configuration. This is the solution