Standalone Block Browser Tool

Long back when developing this UI I set up a small app to test it with raw data from the course blocks API. I’ve since found it useful in other situations, so I decided to polish it up a bit and put it on GitHub. It’s still pretty hacky, but does the job.

Here it is:

It is a very simple UI that can be fed the block structure of the course as returned by the course blocks API. It needs the raw JSON data returned by the following API:


The course id needs to be urlencoded, instead of all_blocks=true , you can use username=<username> to get the structure for a particular user. You can request other fields but children is specifically needed to build the structure. More information about this API and its parameters can be found here.


Very cool to see people doing things with the APIs. If you have more, post them too.

BTW, the docstring you linked to will likely change as we improve the API tooling. See this topic: Improved API documentation