Potential Payment MFE with Olive?

Please bear in mind that I have yet to figure out what might be the problem.

I upgraded Tutor from Nutmeg to Olive and ran tutor local launch

ecommerce still seems to work, but suddenly my configuration for Cybersource in config.yml no longer works with Olive. As a result, the Payment MFE no longer loads.

Has anybody encountered that problem with Olive?

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First of all: did you re-build the mfe image with tutor images build mfe? To clarify, you need to do the following:

tutor plugins enable ecommerce
tutor config save
tutor images build mfe
tutor local launch

Full disclosure: I didn’t test the payment/orders MFEs with the new dynamic configuration yet, so I don’t know whether they work or not.

I will try again.

ecommerce is definitely working as I am accessing the ecommerce console.

I will retry building the mfe image and do a local launch again. It failed…

As we will deploy our Tutor Nutmeg Production Server later this January, therefore what I am testing right now is definitely not an emergency, so we have time to look into it. Since I had a test server with Nutmeg, I wanted to try Olive on it right away just in case we face some issues. Everything looks good at first glance except for the Payment MFE.

As I will be on vacation and holidays starting at the end of the day and up until January 5th when I come back to work, I may not be able to find the cause of the problem before then.

The web browser console of the docker logs are not giving a lot of information about what could be the problem thus far. Maybe I am just not seeing it. All I get is the cryptic message telling me there was an error and if it persists I should contact the edX support :roll_eyes:

In order to make sure the problem is not related to Cybersource or specific to it, I will attempt to use only PayPal as a payment processor. Luckily, even if we do not use PayPal, I do have a Merchant Account that I used to check the Payment MFE before. If even PayPal does not allow the Payment MFE to display, we might have a bigger problem than anticipated.

Still unable to display the Payment MFE.

Here’s what I get when I try to upgrade a course and what displays in the Firefox Developer Console. There’s not much more useful information in the docker container logs for ecommerce or even for

Any suggestions at what I should look at? Thanks for any advice.

I’m reasonably sure that without porting away from the old mfe-env-* patches, which I’m pretty sure tutor-ecommerce uses, the Payment MFE won’t work. That is certainly one explanation for the console and UI errors.

I would agree, but the current tutor-ecommerce only uses the following patches:


And the only clear reference to the frontend-app-payment is a call in tutorecommerce/plugin.py that might need to be modified or not to make compliant with the other MFEs.

I am also concerned that all the changes made to support Stripe by 2U may have broken ecommerce and/or the frontend-app-payment for Open edX. Unfortunately, I have no way to support that hypothesis.

What I would need is a second opinion by someone who used Cybersource in Nutmeg and that could test Cybersource with Olive. Or someone who could setup Cybersource in a fresh installation of Olive.

I see an mfe-env-production. And these lines in plugin.py won’t work, either. So yeah, the payment MFE can’t work as it is now.

(I would write a PR myself, but a) I don’t have time at the moment, and b) I don’t know how to test ecommerce!)

Thanks for your findings @arbrandes

I could be wrong, but I believe the mfe-env-production file is a leftover from previous releases and is not being used by Olive.

I’ve also compared calls between my working version under Nutmeg and my non-working version under Olive.

Under Nutmeg and working


Under Olive and not working


One environment is calling ecommerce and the other is calling an MFE.
Could this be related to the lines that are wrong under plugin.py ? I am guessing it is…

Actually, I think it’s because of mfe-env-production. In particular, the first line. That variable will be empty, and would therefore result in the weird URL you’re seeing in Olive.

@sambapete can you try to rerun while adding the following create/adding the following patch

from tutor import hooks

MFE_CONFIG["ECOMMERCE_BASE_URL"] = "<your url to your ecommerce service>"

The above patch should mitigate @arbrandes point above, until the plugin is updated.

Another point is can you ensure from the network traffic in browser there is a call to mfe_config there should be a call to it and it after adding the above patch it should return ECOMMERCE_BASE_URL. Just note that the API uses browser cache so you migh not see the change instantly


Sorry @ghassan I hadn’t seen your reply this morning. I will definitely try it. I will let you know if it works. Thanks.

@ghassan The patch works perfectly. Thank you.

I was able to access the Payment MFE and do a transaction.

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Thanks @sambapete for raising this issue and @ghassan for providing a fix. I released v15.0.2: fix: integrate with MFE dynamic configuration by regisb · Pull Request #36 · overhangio/tutor-ecommerce · GitHub Please report any further issue here.


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