Studio Superuser Login, User Account Profiles and Indigo Theme issues with Maple/Tutor

I have been attempting to get my first install of Open edX running for 2 weeks though still facing THREE ISSUES as outlined separately below.

I have reviewed and searched most every manual and post I could find relating to this release of Maple/Tutor plus have watched numerous videos… I am stumped, so I finally am reaching out to this forum for help.

NOTE: I am using’s Tutor v13.1.0 on AWS with a EC2 t3a.large instance. This version of Tutor is what AWS Marketplace presently installs.
NOTE: I do have my HTTPS certificate installed and DNS set to “” and “*”. FYI: I do NOT have a DNS CNAME set for “”.
NOTE: I did get email/SMTP configured and working.
NOTE: I did install the demo class and it’s functions as expected.
NOTE: Below is my PLUGIN configuration

plugins list

  • android==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • discovery==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • ecommerce==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • forum==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • license==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • mfe==13.0.1
  • minio==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • notes==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • richie==13.0.0 (disabled)
  • webui==13.0.0
  • xqueue==13.0.0 (disabled)

I cannot log into Studio… takes me to the LMS to sign in but then, after entering the superuser credentials (user name = admin), I receive the error message Error: invalid request Mismatching redirect URI. Appears to log me into the LMS since my superuser name appears.

From the LMS screen, I can’t VIEW/OPEN the logged in users ACCOUNT nor their PROFILE. I receive this error message “There has been a 500 error on the Praxis Focused Learning Experience servers.”

When loading/installing the INDIGO theme I receive the following error messages thus I am not successful in the installation of a different theme.

Creating tutor_local_lms-job_run … done

Loading settings lms.envs.tutor.production

2022-05-28 15:33:56,696 WARNING 9 [py.warnings] [user None] [ip None] - /openedx/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/boto/ DeprecationWarning: the imp module is deprecated in favour of importlib; see the module’s documentation for alternative uses import imp

2022-05-28 15:33:56,773 WARNING 9 [py.warnings] [user None] [ip None] - /openedx/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/botocore/vendored/requests/packages/urllib3/ DeprecationWarning: Using or importing the ABCs from ‘collections’ instead of from ‘’ is deprecated since Python 3.3, and in 3.10 it will stop working from collections import Mapping, MutableMapping

2022-05-28 15:33:58,224 WARNING 9 [py.warnings] [user None] [ip None] - /openedx/edx-platform/openedx/core/lib/api/ DeprecationWarning: Using or importing the ABCs from ‘collections’ instead of from ‘’ is deprecated since Python 3.3, and in 3.10 it will stop working from collections import Sequence # lint-amnesty, pylint: disable=no-name-in-module, deprecated-class

2022-05-28 15:33:58,560 WARNING 9 [py.warnings] [user None] [ip None] - /openedx/edx-platform/openedx/core/types/ DeprecationWarning: Django 3.2+ available: the _admin_display method and the AdminMethodclass should be removed from openedx.core.types warnings.warn(

Assigning theme indigo to…
Assigning theme indigo to…
Assigning theme indigo to…
Assigning theme indigo to…
Assigning theme indigo to…
Assigning theme indigo to…

**Any direction for where to read, what to look for or things to try will be MUST APPRECIATED. I am new at Open edX and such installations so the more basic/explanatory the instructions the better. **
Thanking you in advance, Richard

Hi @Richard_Gehrs,

This issue was actually fixed only very recently: First authentication in Studio raises a 500 error: `social_core.exceptions.AuthStateMissing: Session value state missing.` · Issue #114 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub
The fix will be included in v13.2.3, which will be published in a few minutes.
I’m sorry that the AMI is based on an older release; Amazon makes publishing new versions on the marketplace quite difficult.

I’m pretty sure that this is because your LMS/CMS hosts include capital letters, which is an interesting issue that I never faced before. Can you please try to use only lowercase letters during tutor local quickstart? This might resolve issue 3 as well.

Regis…. Much thanks for the advice to follow.

I check on AWS for the updated Tutor though it remains to say it’s Ver v13.1.0 . I am NOT trying to rush you or your team, just wanted to see if this is how I upgrade or is there a different link to obtain the updated release.

Also I have new dilemma.

After reading your initial reply and using the Command Line I received an error message of “ERROR 28 no space left on device”. I increased my storage from 25GIB to 50GIB and restarted the instance. Now I am getting the error message of “Error: Invalid configuration: expected dict, got <class ‘NoneType’>“

Any thoughts???

Thanks again Regis…. Have a great day, Richard G

I suggest you upgrade tutor on your server; connect with ssh, then login as the “tutor” user and execute the upgrade script:

ssh ubuntu@
sudo su tutor
curl | bash

Regis, I reinstall my Open EDx on AWS using the Tutor version 13.0.2. With your expert guidance, all of my issues but one have been resolved. Thanks!

I remain unable to VIEW/OPEN the logged in users ACCOUNT or their PROFILE from the LMS. The error message I receive has changed from ERROR 500 to " This site can’t be reached Check if there is a typo in…" and is shown in an attachment to this message.

Any thoughts? Richard G

The “” domain does not resolve: DNS Lookup - Check DNS Records

The tutor-mfe plugin requires the domain name that corresponds to the MFE_HOST tutor setting to be properly defined. In your case I suggest you run tutor config save --set to run the MFE apps on this domain.

@arbrandes this question made me realize that at no point do we mention the configuration of DNS records in the tutor-mfe README: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-mfe Could you please add a mention there?

Certainly! Adding it to my TODO.

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Regis, As always, I appreciate your help, patients and knowledge.

I issued the commands via SSH as you instructed and replied to all the “quickstart” type questions BUT now, since this Tutor update ran, I cannot access the web user interface at http://yourinstanceaddress:3737. That address worked fine prior to the Tutor version update that I did. I still am able to access both LMS and CMS and they are secure. I am assuming the LMS and CMS is running the new version of Tutor but without this access I can’t check. Any thoughts??? Richard G

Also one more question…… What command do I execute via SSH to perfume the requested/suggested “System Restart” Richard G

Sorry about the delay @Richard_Gehrs… I see that the 3737 web interface is still not working for you. You should ssh to the server and login as the tutor user to view the errors:

ssh ubuntu@yourserverip
sudo su tutor

Then print here the output of the following commands:

# Display available disk space
df -lh
# Print output from webui service
# (you might have to run with sudo)
journalctl -u tutor-webui
# Print output from tutor
tutor local logs --tail=100
# Attempt to quickstart
tutor local quickstart
sudo reboot

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