Styling or deactivating frontend-app-auth in Olive

  1. Is there a way to style the new login MFE (and solve the missing logo problem), so at least the style can be made more compatible with Tutor Indigo? Where can we find documentation about this?
  2. In the mean time, is there a simple way to switch off this MFE and use the old style login/register form?

If you set the LOGO_URL MFE setting (which after Olive you should be able to do via dynamic configuration), that should get you a different logo. Have you tried that, yet?

Yes: this is an item in the soon-to-be-released Olive Release Notes. All you need to do is set FEATURES['ENABLE_AUTHN_MICROFRONTEND'] to False in the openedx-lms-production-settings template patch in a custom Tutor plugin (you can look at cookiecutter-tutor-plugin as an example).

Edit (again):

Actually, just running tutor config save --set MFE_AUTHN_MFE_APP=null would be the simplest possible way, as instructed in the tutor-mfe README.

Also, frontend-app-authn uses the Open edX Brand Package Interface. You should be able to at least change colors, as those should all be overridable Paragon variables.

(There are also instructions for installing a custom brand package in an MFE in the tutor-mfe README.)

Thanks very much, the config setting worked perfectly! First try to get up and running, styling will come much after that I fear…