Suggestion Box: TOC Election Improvements

I’m excited about the election but I also noticed that there were still some questions about what’s going on with the process so I thought a suggestion box would be useful to track improvement suggestions.

My suggestion would be something like a separate e-mail to all the people who are auto-registered to be eligible to vote. In particular core-contributors. This way it’s obvious when you you don’t need to take any actions.


I’d love it if it were called out very clearly that Core Contributors are already registered to vote! The blog post does say that CCs are already registered, but it would be even clearer if it were mentioned in the first paragraph. The registration form itself also could benefit from a sentence saying that CCs are already registered.

I bring this up because I recall that this was a point of confusion last year, and I already talked to one CC who was confused this year. We send a lot of communications to our busy CCs, so there’s value in making it as easy as possible for them to quickly understand what we’re asking them to do.

Thank you to all those who are working hard to make the upcoming elections a success!