Text Component Context Menu Changed

Hi, we just moved to Olive, and one of our instructional designers noticed that the context menu (right-click in Windows) no longer has full-text editing options when adding a text component. The only option is “link,” which we use to see Copy/Paste/Select All/etc. Our non-technical designers rely on that functionality.

We have verified that the keyboard shortcuts copy/paste still works (ctrl-c,ctrl-v). Does anyone have any ideas on getting that functionality back? Is there an alternative component/editor that can be used? This is a job satisfaction issue for my designers, so would like to find a solution.

Oh, how interesting!

From a quick search, it looks like this became the default tinyMCE configuration at some point, and it just hasn’t been changed.

Looking at tinyMCE’s docs, fundamentally the change is easy. You’ve got to add copy/paste, selectall in the tinyMCE configuration. See the codepen that opens from this page (Context menu | Docs | TinyMCE) and make a change this like to see what I mean:

As far as where exactly to make this in the code, I haven’t tested and I can’t find it immediately in the repository.