The 2U edX Acquisition: OpenCraft's take

Hello all!

This community’s already pretty well abreast of the work being done now that the acquisition has been approved and the ball is rolling, but we wanted to take a little time at OpenCraft to share our thoughts and hopes moving forward. The short answer is that we’re feeling quite positive and hopeful about this, and look forward to working closely with tCRIL and 2U moving forward. :slight_smile:

And congrats on all team members working on this-- big acquisitions/reorganizations like this are challenging in ways that work normally isn’t. I’m personally very excited moving forward, and I hope everyone else is here, too!


@Fox_Piacenti thanks for sharing that out. I just have a question why below you refered to Edx and U2 as two sepaerte entity working togather, isn’t Edx now is part of 2U already?

We still expect edX and 2U to have major (perhaps the largest) influence over the codebase. After all, they will be the biggest users and contributors. But this layer of separation will put organizations from the rest of the community on more even footing.

Probably because I’m still getting used to the new reality-- I’ll rephrase that. :slight_smile:

Edit: Updated.

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